Church of Saints Constantine and Helena in Sviyazhsk
Church of Saints Constantine and Helena in Sviyazhsk - an ancient townsman temple
History of the temple In 1551, before the decisive assault on Kazan, Ivan IV the Terrible ordered the construction
Corner with images
Which icon is hung above the front door and opposite the front door: the name of the icon, the name of the Saint. Is it possible to hang a Crucifix or cross over the front door in an apartment or house? Is it possible to hang icons in the corridor?
Miscellaneous Christian icons are found in almost every home. Some people buy them exclusively in
Figure 1. Prayer before the icon
How the icon of Joy of All Who Sorrow helps: meaning, miracles
The miraculous image of “Joy to All Who Sorrow” is located in the church on Ordynka. First mention of him
The Child Christ is already depicted with a cross: miracles of the Novonikitsk Icon of the Mother of God
In Orthodoxy there are a large number of icons of the Mother of God. Some of the holy images became famous for their
Greek icons
Concept and description of Greek icons, classification and list of images of the Virgin Mary
For Orthodox Christians, icons are of great importance. Turning to the icon with prayer, an Orthodox person sees
Grave of Evgeniy Rodionov
Akathist to the holy new martyr doctor Evgeniy Botkin
Akathist to the holy new martyr physician Evgeniy Botkin Kontakion 1 Chosen saint and passion-bearer of Christ, Evgeniy
Pregnancy signs and superstitions
Amulet for a pregnant woman - making it yourself and meaning
A pregnant woman evokes only tenderness in all normal people, but there are people who
Procession with the icon of St. Nicholas
Icon of St. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: history, meaning, photo, what it helps with
Reports and messages People Wonderworker Nicholas New Year is a time of miracles, fairy tales and
Meeting of the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary and Righteous Elizabeth. Fresco (1191) in the temple
Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
40 Martyrs of Sebaste - history, meaning of the icon, what prayer helps with
Lives of the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste are the saints of the first centuries of Christianity. Their
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