Lent for Lent in 2022, how to celebrate, traditions and how to carry it out

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When wondering what a conspiracy is, there is an explanation in the Orthodox religion - it means the final day before the start of a long fast, that is, this is the time when it is last time allowed to eat modest food (for example, dairy products, animal fats, meat, eggs and more ).

What does a plot for meat mean and when does it happen?

This kind of event occurs before one of the four most important fasts in the Orthodox religion.

There are only two types of fasting before Lent, that is, first for meat on Meatless Sunday, before the beginning of Cheese Week or as it is also called Maslenitsa, and then on Forgiveness Sunday and for other modest food products.

In the full sense of the word, the end of the preparatory week occurs just on the eve of Lent (cheese week), during which, according to the Charter of the Orthodox Christian Church, it is permissible to eat exclusively fish, dairy products and eggs. The purpose of this old tradition, celebrated even before our era in the 5th century, is long-term Lenten abstinence and gradual abandonment of delicious favorite food and, without sadness, trying on Lenten abstinence.

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History of the Feast of the Dormition

The events to which the holiday is dedicated took place in the middle of the 1st century, RIA Novosti reports. But Christianity did not immediately name the Dormition one of the 12 most important holidays, and did not immediately accept the significant role of the Mother of God. This topic has been debated for several centuries. Heresies appeared that belittled the role of the Mother of God, and at the same time the status of women.

The Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary finally entered the calendar in the 6th century. The exceptional importance of the holiday today is indicated by the tradition of fasting before it.

09 August, 6:04

Ritual for Lent

The fast for Lent ends, as a rule, on Sunday, called Forgiveness, when Christian believers are still allowed to eat modest food, that is, to enjoy products of animal origin, in addition, they are allowed to take a break from their official duties, and they can also have fun in anticipation of the restrictions.

On this day, family and friends must ask each other for forgiveness for all the hardships and sorrows brought throughout the year. In addition, on Forgiveness Sunday it is allowed to hold a memorial and go to the cemetery to say goodbye to the departed.

What does the Nativity Fast symbolize?

The winter Nativity fast was established by the church to sanctify the last part of the year with a mysterious renewal of spiritual unity with God. This period symbolizes the forty-day fast of Moses, who received the words of God inscribed on stone tablets.

During this period, Christians fast, pray, and undergo cleansing from sins in order to prepare for the festive celebration of the Nativity of Christ with a pure heart, soul and body. Fasting implies not only food restriction, but also spiritual cleansing, otherwise it risks turning into an ordinary diet.

True fasting is associated with prayer, repentance, forgiveness of offenses, eradication of evil thoughts, abstinence from temptations and vices, and renunciation of entertainment and entertainment events. Fasting is not a goal, but a means of humbling one’s flesh and cleansing oneself from sins. As a rule, in our time, strict fasting is observed by the church itself, as well as especially believers. Sick people, pregnant and lactating women, as well as children are allowed to relax their fast.

Therefore, before deciding to fast, you should definitely consult with your doctor, as well as a priest. After all, fasting is not about what we eat, but about what we can sacrifice for the sake of faith and God without causing damage to our health.

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Ritual for Peter's Fast

This ritual also occurs during Peter's Fast, which usually begins after the Trinity Sunday on the first Sunday (or the first week after Pentecost). The Church encourages Orthodox believers to adhere to such fasting through the example of the righteous apostles, who received the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost during the period of fasting and in saying a prayer service in preparation for the worldwide Gospel instruction.

It is worth noting that the feat of Petrov's fast is not as strict as compared to Lent, that is, during abstinence, according to the instructions of the church charter, every day for three days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), it is necessary to refrain from using:

  • fish dishes,
  • oils,
  • guilt.

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And also after Vespers, dry food around nine o’clock, but on other days you can only refuse dishes with fish. During fasting on Saturdays and Sundays (including on the days of remembrance of great saints or during temple celebrations), eating fish is allowed.

What does it mean to start a fast?

Pundits have written a bunch of reference books especially for us, containing an interpretation of any term. According to D. N. Ushakov’s dictionary, the fast is the last day before Orthodox fasting. The word consists of a root and a prefix. This is how it should be disassembled. “Fasting” means “fasting,” that is, observing certain restrictions associated with food intake.

The prefix for- in our case speaks of the period preceding the one to which the root indicates. Put it together and we get the day before Lent. In fact, it is perceived by believers as a kind of holiday. People are preparing spiritually and physically for the upcoming trials. You don’t need to think that fasting is something ordinary. By limiting themselves in food intake and entertainment, believers strengthen their spirit, correct the mistakes of the past, and acquire the grace of the Lord. This is a serious test for a true personality, because temptation will be everywhere during Lent.

Ritual for Christmas

There is also a ritual for Christmas, which falls on November 27, during which believers are still allowed to eat dairy products, eggs and meat, because... During fasting, in order to cleanse oneself spiritually, a Christian should strictly limit oneself in food.

However, if the days of fasting for the Nativity Fast, Great Lent, Assumption Lent and Petrov Lent fall on Friday or Wednesday, which are considered fast days, then in this case the ritual is transferred to the previous day.

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May the Lord protect you!

You will also be interested in watching the video of the sermon on the ritual for Lent:

Meals during the Advent Fast in 2021

It is believed that the Nativity Fast is less strict than Lent and the Assumption Fast. So, on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday you can eat food with vegetable oil. During the Nativity Fast, it is strictly forbidden to eat only meat, eggs and dairy products. On Wednesday and Friday you should not drink wine, and you should eat food without oil - this is called dry eating. But it is worth remembering that patients and children are allowed to relax their physical fast.

Fish during the Nativity Fast is allowed on Saturdays and Sundays and great holidays, for example, the Feast of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple, as well as on temple holidays and on the days of great saints, if these days fall on Tuesday or Thursday.

According to the most lenient regulations, fish can be eaten on all days except Wednesday and Friday. The meal schedule presented below will help keep the Nativity Fast in accordance with all the rules of the Orthodox Church. But we must remember that any fast is not a diet, the main thing is spiritual rigor and cleansing of the soul.

Why did you decide to highlight this day?

A spell is a precursor to hardship. However, a believer is not afraid; on the contrary, he welcomes with all his heart. Fasting helps to prove to oneself that the soul is directed towards the Lord, which means it will gain the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact, believers humbly and gratefully commit to limiting their natural needs four times a year. There is nothing sad or negative about this. Fasting is a common tradition for nurturing the spirit. And you need to meet him joyfully, without displeasure or despondency. That is why it is customary for Orthodox Christians to celebrate the ritual. This is the day when the hostess can show off her talents, set the table and invite guests. Meat dishes are prepared, which believers voluntarily refuse for the next period for the glory of the Lord. You can eat with pleasure, so to speak, in reserve. There is only one thing undesirable at such a festive feast - alcohol. This is both bad from a spiritual point of view and harmful to the body. It is better to talk with friends about the upcoming work, prepare for fasting, and remind each other of its strict rules.

Signs in Petrovsky's conspiracy

  • a gloomy, gray sky on such a holiday promises a rich harvest in the fall;
  • It was imperative to invite older generation relatives for dinner. It was believed that those who do not do this will not be respected by their children and grandchildren in old age;
  • people believed that on this holiday all fortune telling about their future husband would come true;
  • To make the summer warm and the harvest bountiful, it was customary for the Slavs to make a straw effigy, as at Maslenitsa. It was a symbol of the God Yarila, Chekhon, Goryun or Mermaid. With feigned sorrow and tears, people carried him to the fields to tear him into small pieces or drown him in a stormy river. This custom meant a funeral, farewell to the spring season;
  • morning dew foreshadowed a sunny day, and its absence meant rain;
  • if the clouds are yellow, there will be precipitation;
  • rain on this holiday meant that the hay would be hard in the fall, but the harvest would be good;
  • starting from this day, songbirds fall silent. If the cuckoo falls silent earlier, winter will come early, and if later, the autumn season will drag on;
  • if the leaves on the lower branches of the birch trees turn yellow and fall off, leaf fall will soon begin.

Our relationship with the Lord

You and I have decided that the world was created for all the inhabitants who inhabit it. The Lord did this for us to give happiness to people. But by limiting ourselves, are we doing the right thing? By refusing gifts, are we not offending the Creator? Of course this is not true. The Lord teaches that the soul is more important than the body, and it is its purity that should be taken care of first of all. This is what the world was created for. It contains everything for acquiring grace, that is, performing good, bright, kind deeds. The fasting order arose as a tribute of gratitude to the Lord for his gifts. We enjoy food, communication, showing Him how much we value everything around us. And the next day we take on the test of limitation, continuing to thank the Creator. In the spiritual sense, everything happens logically, there is no abrupt transition from one state to another. The body feels different.

Some medical restrictions

When you understand what it means to start a fast in order to observe traditions, do not forget about the needs of the body. It happens that people become too zealous about religion and try to do everything exactly as they should. And of course, you can overdo it here. During the ritual, you shouldn’t throw everything into your mouth. Remember that food should be digested and not “break” your stomach. There is a rule when fasting: the sick and young do not join it due to lack of strength for such a serious test. The spell should also be carried out keeping in mind your body and its capabilities. After all, the essence of the tradition is in the spiritual sphere, and not in the actual enjoyment of the products that you part with during Lent.

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