What does it mean to find a pectoral cross - signs, point of view of Orthodox priests

Every Christian believer wears a cross around his neck to protect against negative energy. For a baptized person, this thing has very great power. Finding a pectoral cross means that changes are coming in a person’s life. What they will be depends on many factors. The sign of finding a cross will tell you in detail what you should pay attention to.

The sign of “finding a cross” - general interpretation

The cross symbolizes change. They can be sudden or gradual, happy or sad, but always inevitable. And here it no longer matters what the person did with the discovered relic. You can find a cross on the ground, pick it up, wash it and take it to church. Give. To keep for yourself. Take it to a pawn shop or melt it down.

You can find a cross on the street, trampled into the dirt. Dig it in your own garden. Accidentally stumble across on the beach. Catch from a lake or sea. Take note of the hints of the Higher Powers and pass by, do not be flattered by someone else’s attribute of faith. Leave it to wait for its rightful owner.

It is important to understand: no matter what a person chooses, the pendulum of Fate has already begun to swing. Finding someone else's lost cross is a sign that signals the arrival of a turning point in life. To decipher the message, you need to analyze the events of past years or days.

  • A person who has long been worried about his well-being or the health of loved ones can breathe out and calm down. Treatment will help, illnesses will subside, everything will gradually improve.
  • Suppose conflicts and quarrels between household members have become too frequent in the family. Why, in this case, find someone else’s cross? The sign assures that in the near future the family atmosphere will normalize, and lost respect, harmony, and love will return to the house.
  • Are you tormented by poverty, everyday troubles, work problems? Finding someone’s lost cross on the street is a sign of positive changes “on all fronts.” Your financial situation and living conditions in general will improve. More profitable employment and a long-awaited move are not excluded.

There is a rule: if you have recently asked Heaven for help - in any area! - the found cross will be considered a positive answer to the prayer. Take note and start taking action.

But what if a pectoral cross was found by a problem-free person - why is this? In such a situation, the sign warns: there will still be changes, but - alas! - for the worse. We must prepare for the beginning of the “black streak”:

  • do not agree to financial adventures;
  • do not risk your health and career unnecessarily;
  • be more attentive to family and loved ones;
  • try to win over potential ill-wishers or at least limit their influence.

Church opinion

The Russian Orthodox Church does its best to combat superstitions of any kind, considering them contrary to the true faith. Based on this, the found cross is simply a neutral find, promising neither good nor bad. The Russian Orthodox Church also denies the existence of blind fate, that is, fate destined from birth.

A baptized person is free to create his own destiny, and his good deeds and sins will be judged at the Last Judgment. Moreover, every sinner has the right to repentance and forgiveness of sins - he can atone for what he has done with a righteous life and true faith.

However, leaving a cross lying on the road, and even more so, throwing away a shrine found at home, is a sin: it’s the same as refusing a neighbor who is asking for help, and even laughing at him. Therefore, any found symbol of faith must be taken to church: they will decide what to do with it. Possible options:

  • disposed of with due respect in a special oven,
  • melted down into church utensils or frames for images,
  • will be consecrated and given to a needy parishioner.

However, even orthodox clergy consider the once lost, but found, cross of one’s own to be a good sign. This means that you have found a lost shrine, and God is especially favorable to you, showing that at the moment you are following the right path.

The Russian Orthodox Church calls not to make a tragedy out of the loss of a cross - this does not mean that you have lost the favor of the Lord. You just need to purchase and consecrate a new cross - it will be endowed with the same content as the lost one.

When it’s just a stone’s throw from negative to positive

To better understand what changes await you, you need to pay attention to additional nuances. The location where the cross was found, the metal from which it is made, and other related points are important for interpreting the sign.

Why find a golden cross?

Products made from precious metals are highly valuable. From this point of view, finding a golden cross on the street is a lucky omen. In case of extreme need, the item can be sold out to improve your financial situation. Even more important, in this way Fate communicates: the time of financial difficulties is coming to an end.

A positive omen can easily turn into a negative one if a person behaved incorrectly - from the point of view of the Higher Powers. When he doesn't have enough to buy bread, there are no questions. It’s a completely different matter if the main Christian attribute was melted down in order to make another ring or pendant. Contempt for sacred relics will be perceived as greed for profit, and the punishment for worshiping the “golden calf” will be a sharp deterioration in well-being.

Why do you find a silver cross?

Why do you find a silver cross? This metal symbolizes not the everyday, but the spiritual component of existence. It can be assumed that a person is facing rapid changes in his personal life, rising to a new stage of development, gaining new knowledge, important meetings and travel.

Finding a silver cross on the street is a favorable omen for creative people. Their horizons will expand, intuition and perception will sharpen.

  • For a young girl who has never met her “soul mate,” a silver cross promises romantic changes. Until Mendelssohn's imminent march.
  • The find will promise success in studies for a schoolchild or student.
  • If a silver cross is found by a family lady, love experiences will not bypass her. It's hard to say whether this is good or bad. There is a possibility of betrayal, which could lead to the destruction of an existing marriage.

Some esotericists are sure that silver things bring tears and strong emotions. In the case of the cross, we can say that mental torment will benefit the person, help him cleanse himself and see new goals.

How to deal with a found item

People often wonder what to do if a Christian amulet was discovered on the street? There is no exact answer to this question, because everyone has their own opinion on this matter. Some sincerely believe that such a “gift” of fate will definitely bring them happiness, while others are firmly convinced that everything will be exactly the opposite.

Church officials do not always react positively to this kind of donation to the temple. Some will silently attach the cross to the icon, while others will be categorically against such a donation. Many superstitions agree that various objects themselves find a person, and not he finds them. Such an event should be considered as a sign from God.

If a cross is found, the sign says that this is a sign that the person is very good, because a sinner is unlikely to receive such a gift from God.

It is worth remembering that the pectoral cross may be broken. In this case, a good omen turns into the opposite direction. Christian amulets are made from a variety of materials: they can be wooden or silver, decorated with precious stones or made of the cheapest plastic.

Each person treats this gift of fate differently. Some people give them as gifts, while others want to keep them. If, nevertheless, there is no desire to wear a cross, then it is best to take it to church, they will probably know how best to deal with it. There is no point in throwing away a Christian amulet. In the case when the desire to keep it for yourself is stronger, you should adhere to some rules:

  • unbaptized persons cannot wear such items;
  • before wearing a cross, you should take it to the temple to cleanse it of negativity;
  • The church recommends that all baptized people wear only those crosses in which they were baptized.

Where exactly was the cross waiting?

Favorable places

Some places can be called happy, safe. Here the sacred find is always for good.

  • If a lonely girl finds a cross on the street, a sign advises walking this road more often. Sooner or later, the indicated path will lead her to the narrowed one.
  • A woman lost her cross and then found it at home - why is this? The sign hints that clouds were gathering on the family horizon, a divorce was looming ahead, but now the situation has changed for the better. Or it will happen in the near future.
  • If the find was lying in wait in nature, among the grass, you can expect a happy event. Gold flashed - the surprise will be of a material nature; silver attracted attention - a declaration of love, success in exams or a long-awaited meeting with loved ones is ahead.
  • Why find someone else's cross in a flowering garden, cinema, nightclub? In places where fun and joy reign, the acquired Christian symbol will become material evidence of the favor of fortune.

Negative places

There are also places where the most pleasant event will be turned into evil.

  • Why find a cross at work? With a very high degree of probability, this “luck” will lead to work conflicts, gossip, the anger of superiors and the machinations of colleagues.
  • Seeing metal glistening from the mud or from the bottom of a muddy puddle means an unpleasant, ambiguous and awkward situation in which a person will find himself through his own fault. Reputational losses cannot be avoided here.
  • It is a very dubious sign to find someone else’s cross at home in your clothes, on a shelf or in your own purse. Simply put, where it definitely shouldn’t be under any circumstances. It's easy to assume that the surprise was deliberately placed on you. And clearly not with good intentions. Obviously, this is a magical lining charged by “well-wishers” with problems and misfortunes - we need to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • Regardless of the type of metal and location of discovery, a bent, broken, rusty cross is a sign of illness.
  • A cross frozen tightly to the ice means problems in personal relationships.
  • A Christian relic at the crossroads of two roads is a ransom for dark forces, which is left behind when a spell or spell is removed. You should avoid such a thing, without picking it up or looking at it.

Why find a cross with a chain

A rather rare situation that is difficult to write off as an accident. The sign assures: finding a chain with a cross means being captured by unforeseen and insurmountable circumstances.

The Orthodox cross is not an amulet or a talisman

The blessed cross that we wear on a chain or cord is a sign of our belonging to Orthodoxy, our shrine, protection, constant prayer and help in spiritual confrontation, and its weight on our neck is a constant reminder to us that all our thoughts and deeds should be committed and dedicated to serving God.

It should be worn with the prayer side facing the body.

A person who wears a cross on himself testifies to his participation in the feat of Christ, hopes for his salvation and resurrection for eternal life. For a believer, wearing a cross means admitting your sins, repenting and trying to atone for them.

The best and most expensive gift for a believer will be a cross. You can give it on appropriate holidays - christenings, name days, birthdays. It can be new, or it can be found. It is important that it be consecrated in the temple and contain the power of the cross.

You need to wear it under clothes, without showing it off, because that’s what it’s called - underwear

, this is not a decoration or a talisman, so you shouldn’t indulge your vanity by flaunting such an intimate item; boasting and bragging are of no use here
Of course, there is nothing wrong when a cross is visible in the neckline of a sundress or an open shirt, but you cannot wear it over closed clothing. You need to worry not about external manifestations of faith, but to carry the image of Christ in your heart.

I found my lost cross - what is the sign for?

It is quite possible to lose your cross without noticing it. For example, if the lock on the chain came undone, the fastening broke, or the lace broke. The sign hints at future problems, but advises not to panic ahead of time. If the loss can be quickly discovered, all troubles will pass by.

Why lose a cross and find it many months later? The event is truly happy. It symbolizes global changes for the better: relationships in the family and at work will improve, the financial situation will strengthen, and cherished dreams will begin to come true.

What does the loss of the cross mean?

Losing a cross along with a gold or silver chain is a bad omen. It is believed that this symbol is a kind of protection from the evil eye and damage, evil spirits and demons. To lose all this is to be prepared for trials and tribulations.

From the point of view of occult sciences, the loss of the cross is depriving oneself of the burden of negative energy and mental and physical pain. It happens that the cross itself comes off the chain or the chain breaks without mechanical damage. This means that a person has accumulated too much energetic “dirt” and “garbage” that needs to be thrown off.

Popular superstitions considered the cross, first of all, a talisman against evil forces. To lose it is to become defenseless and weak before the machinations of the evil one.

I found a cross - what does the sign tell you to do?

Forecasts largely depend on who exactly is trying to explain the event:

  • Esotericists will remind you of the saying “carry someone else’s cross” and advise you to be careful;
  • Christian clergy will say that the cross is not a miraculous pagan amulet, but a symbol of faith, and therefore cannot cause any harm to a righteous person;
  • agnostics will note that signs do not “work” with those who do not attach importance to them, and gold or silver are just precious metals processed by human hands.

The only point on which everyone agrees with each other is that crosses found in a cemetery should not be picked up or taken for yourself. What is left in the haven of the dead should not be returned to the world of the living.

The pectoral cross is a symbol of the cross with which the Savior walked to Calvary

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The clergy say that such reasoning has no basis, being nothing more than superstition that should have no place in Orthodoxy. A pectoral cross is a sacred object that cannot bear anyone’s sins. If a person finds a pectoral cross somewhere, there is nothing to worry about. If he is truly a believing Christian, then he should not fear anything; he should not believe pagan superstitions, which only bring confusion among the parishioners.

Reasons for loss

The reasons why the iconic amulet was not on the body of its owner may be different.

  1. Accidental loss, the person did not even notice how the cross disappeared.
  2. Special loss. In this case, the item is thrown away in order to get rid of the sins of the past. The one who picks it up will take the bad energy for himself.
  3. The item was left on the road, street, crossroads after a magical ritual. Many sorcerers use the holy symbol to remove damage and get rid of diseases. In this case, the new owner, along with the cross, will receive troubles and misfortunes. The same goes for things like watches, keys or coins.

Is it worth wearing someone else's cross?

Orthodox Christians believe that wearing another person’s cross is strictly prohibited . It connects him with God, shows his faith.

The cross is connected with the life of a particular person, his past and even his future. Rewriting your destiny with the help of such objects is dangerous, because with some good moments, bad ones can also come, which can be equated to damage. Even if a person’s life does not change, such an act may affect the future generation, and negative consequences will manifest themselves in descendants.

How to overcome prejudices

In the modern world, one can observe how faith in God is combined with superstitious signs and customs. Most often, the reason for this is a person’s special psychological state. Even Saint John Chrysostom (347-407) said that superstition is the fruit of an immature, childish perception of the world, calling the Hellenes children.

“Superstitious rituals in general are not about faith. They are about the immaturity of a person’s emotional sphere. Each such case reveals a frightened child in an adult, who still puts himself at the center of the world... And any reproaches in the style of “you’re a Christian, how can you believe in such nonsense” are unlikely to change anything. This requires a long and confidential conversation with a priest, perhaps more than one, or serious work with a psychologist” (Orthodox psychologist Alexander Tkachenko).

Therefore, in order to overcome faith in folk and other superstitions, one should pray to the Lord for spiritual enlightenment and study the Holy Scriptures. Then no one will worry whether it is possible to wear someone else’s cross. And the Creator, as a Loving Father, will fill hearts with true faith.

“All the evil in the world comes from the lack of divine enlightenment. When there is no divine enlightenment, a person is in darkness. Then one says, “Let’s go here,” the other says. “No, I know well, we’d better go here,” the third: “There,” the fourth: “Here.”

Everyone thinks that it is right to go where he thinks. In other words, everyone wants the best, but they are confused and cannot come to an understanding. If there was no confusion, then they would not argue: they would clearly see which path is better, and together they would go towards it...

At least in the Church, the majority do not have evil intentions, but lack divine enlightenment. They fight for good, but where do they end up in the end?.. Therefore, let us ask God to give us at least a little divine enlightenment, for otherwise we will stumble like the blind. The good God gives His divine enlightenment to those who have good will” (Reverend Paisius the Svyatogorets, 1924-1994).

Is it possible to carry a found cross home?

If the found cross does not cause any negative emotions in the person who found it, then you can take it with you. After all, such an object in itself does not bring trouble, but the power of thought of the new owner may well attract trouble to him.

In addition, some people even deliberately hunt for old jewelry. They search for them, repair them, clean them, and proudly add their next find to their collection.

If a person who finds a cross on the street is filled with fears and superstitions, then it is better for him to pass by it. Otherwise, another story will appear confirming the sign: “If you brought someone else’s cross, then expect unexpected trouble.”

What does superstition say?

Superstitious people believe that picking up a cross from the ground (even just touching it) is prohibited. Either he is lying in a puddle for a reason (he was thrown onto the street by a witch who cast a curse on him or is trying to transmit someone’s serious illness in this way), or he was simply lost. But in the second case, the person who finds the cross will voluntarily take upon himself all the sins (“life cross”, “burden”) of the previous owner of this little thing.

By the way, “ecclesiastical superstitious” people think a little differently. They will pick up the cross (albeit without touching it with their hands - say, trying to grab it with a scarf or bag), bring it home, and then perform a cleansing ceremony in front of the icon of the Mother of God. At the same time, they will repeat “I renounce,” trying to “drive away” someone else’s energy from the thing. But if during the ceremony something inside tells you to give up the cross, a superstitious person will not put it on himself and give it to the church.

There are even conspiracies for the mental purification of found small things. For example:

Symbols of Christianity

In the Roman Empire, dangerous criminals were subject to crucifixion. It was a shameful and painful execution. The Son of God, who went to his voluntary death to atone for the sins of mankind, was executed just like that. But the Resurrection of Christ from the dead turned the cross into a symbol of victory over death.

Under conditions of persecution of the first Christians, there was no possibility of directly writing the name of the Savior or His image. Thanks to this, symbolic motifs began to be used among believers. Encrypted texts (cryptograms) and images became widespread among fellow believers. For example, the acronym IHTIS (from Greek stands for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior”). Roman catacombs from the 2nd and 3rd centuries have images of fish - in Greek the word “ἰχθύς” (IHTIS) means “fish”.

Christ could be symbolically depicted as a lamb:

“Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (Gospel of John 1:29).

In early Christianity, the image of a cross was not used. His widespread veneration began in the 4th century. It was acquired through the efforts of Queen Helena, the mother of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine. The custom of wearing a pectoral cross by believers dates back to the same time.

The attitude of clergy towards superstitions regarding the cross

Church ministers do not approve of various fortune-telling, predictions, mysticism, and beliefs. When asked whether someone else’s bad and difficult fate will be passed on along with someone else’s cross, they answer just a few words: “A cross is a cross. And even two crossed sticks are quite capable of helping a true believer resist evil and the devil’s machinations. There should be no place for superstitions in God’s bright world.”

This means that you can and should use the body crosses of your deceased relatives and honor them as a family heirloom. And a mother or father may well put their cross on their child by buying a new one and putting it on.

Wearing a cross donated by relatives is a godly deed, the main thing is that it is consecrated in the church. It is also quite possible to wear a cross bought at a pawnshop and consecrated by you in church; it will not bear any negativity and the fate of the previous owner.

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