Theotokos. Canons of the Mother of God for every day

A canon is a complex church chant in honor of a saint, angel, Lord or any event

Canon is a word with many meanings, even within the Orthodox tradition. But in our case, the hymnographic canon is implied. This is a prayer song. It comes in two types:

  • glorification of a saint, angel or the Most High;
  • talks about some important event for Christianity.

The Most Holy Theotokos Gives Consolation
Although the canon is a whole work, it consists of small parts - songs. Most often there are nine.

The second canto is most often skipped in the canon. The fact is that traditionally it encourages repentance and is appropriate in the mood during the days of Lent.

9 songs

so many songs are included in the canon by tradition

Therefore, this song is used only in some canons. For example, in the Lenten Triodion.

The canon includes troparia, psalms, prayers, etc. Let us briefly examine the significant terms.

Irmos is a fragment at the beginning of each song. It points to the Old Testament prototype of the text, and also acts as a stylistic model for the subsequent song.

A troparion is a short chant. It also has a hymn character and is usually timed to coincide with some church holiday. Or maybe just glorify a saint, an angel or the Lord. In church tradition there are rules for performing the troparion, but in home prayer it is customary to simply read it. Example of a troparion:

“Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and giving life to those in the tombs.”

When we talk about the canon, the troparion is the verses that it contains. The last troparion usually glorifies the Mother of God.

The Troparion also differs from other texts in that it is not taken from Scripture, like, for example, the Psalms.

A psalm is a song taken from the Psalter.

Sedalen is a chant that requires you to sit down when performing it. In the past it was common and fell on the third canto.

Kontakion is a long hymn. Has decreased over time. Now the kontakion occurs after the sixth song of the canons.

Stichera is a chant that has a poetic meter.

Icon of the Mother of God “Donskaya”

Canon 1 of the Most Holy Theotokos in honor of Her Donskaya Icon, tone 4.

Song 1

Irmos: I will open my mouth and be filled with the Spirit, and I will vomit the word to the Queen Mother, and I will appear, brightly triumphant, and I will sing, rejoicing, Those miracles.
Open my ears, God-chosen Virgin, so that I may understand the words of revelation and know the path of salvation, so that I may have firm faith in the Savior God and sing His wondrous providence for us.

Open, my soul, the eyes of faith, and see the many blessings of God to the Mother, who have been revealed to our Fatherland since ancient times in the days of difficult circumstances, and sing, rejoicing, of Her merciful intercession.

Health for the weak, healing for the weakened, protection for the offended, salvation from violence and malice, for the sorrowful in need, Helper, do not stop praying for those who honor Thee.

Know, my soul, the power of the Honest and Life-giving Cross of the Lord, for by this we continually defeat the enemy regiments, visible and invisible, through the prayers of the Mother of God and all the saints who have shone in the lands of Russia.

The terrible Divine rebuke struck the minds of the coming of Your miraculous image, the Heavenly Queen, with fear of possession, suddenly turning to flight, with the power of persecution from above.

We offer a voice of praise and thanksgiving to Thee, Lady, and we bow to Thy most pure image, to whom Thou hast granted victory many times to the Hagarians, and Thou hast lifted up our horn, the speedy Defender of the Christian race.

Song 3

Irmos: Thy hymns, O Mother of God, living and unenvious Source, spiritually establish the face of your own union, in Thy Divine glory, grant crowns of glory.

Tempted by the cares of life and the pleasures of life, we offer songs to You, the source of silence and contemplation of God: quench your spiritual thirst, raise our minds to Heaven, exceeding the Powers above.

Enlightenment of my mind, strengthening of my weak will, joy of my sad heart You are, Most Blessed One, I earnestly pray to You: renew all the strength of my soul.

Glory to Thee, All-Immaculate, the inalienable treasure of the virgins who love Thee, the source of chastity, the revelation of Heavenly sweets, the destruction of despondency and sorrow, the wedding of the humble and lovers of God, and the fertilization of fasters.

Blot out the sins of my youth, accept the repentance of my old age, Queen of Heaven, behold, even to this day the enemy has not retreated from my mother’s womb, do not allow me to do his lusts, but loose the bonds of sin and have mercy on me.

How shall I beseech Thee, Bride of God, with lips filled with slander, or what song shall I lift up and reprove with my conscience? Will I be able to know the truth, the co-servant of lies, this vessel of God’s wrath? But, Life-Giver, revive my soul, killed by passions.

To the fierce enemy approaching, many many elders and women stretch out their weak hands with a strong cry: come, Mother of Mercy, come, delivering us from cruel death, hasten to save the city and your people.


We bless Thee, all of us, O Virgin Mother of God, for in Thee the Incontainable Christ our God is pleased to be contained. Blessed are we too, who have intercession with You, praying for us day and night, and the birth of Christianity is confirmed by Your prayers. Thus, chanting, we cry out to You: Rejoice, O Gracious One, the Lord is with You.

Song 4

Irmos: Seated in glory on the Throne of the Divine in a light cloud, the Divine Jesus came, with an Imperishable Hand, and those who called for salvation: glory, O Christ, to Thy power.

Oh, the great power of tears! Oh, the kindness of the Lord! For me, the fallen, He Himself suffers! You, Mother of God, who stood at the Cross of Your Son, show us the unexplored depth of God’s condescension and grant us to partake of the holy and terrible Mysteries without condemnation.

The mother of an evil child is overcome by compassion and cannot despise him, even more so You, the Compassionate One, the most adorned dwelling of God’s condescension, do not leave me, the last step, and teach us to bear each other’s burdens.

Shower me with the light of Your Divine countenance, my Most Pure Joy, so that I may offer up your prayers at night, hear your silent sighs and save me from the delusion of sin with the memory of death.

My old age is crying, having lost my sons and daughters, I have no support in a lonely life, but be my pillar and fortress, the release of sorrows, Good Comforter, and save me from evil until the end of my days.

With the ineffable power of grace, rebuke the nasty thoughts that overwhelm me, O Pure Virgin, forbid them, and drive them far away, and make me the maker of Divine hymns, so that I may serve my God without laziness.

Prosperity for the warriors, courage for the fighters, courage for the brave companions, Chosen Voivode, we pray to You to grant strength to our weapons, so that those who rise up against us will be overthrown, so that victories will be erected by You.

Song 5

Irmos: Everyone was terrified of Your Divine glory, for You, the Unmade Virgin, had God in your womb above all and gave birth to the Flightless Son, giving peace to all who sing of You.

Pramati Eve, having sinned in paradise, made me partake of the pangs of birth, but You, the Gracious One, who painlessly gave birth to Christ, save my soul for the sake of childbirth.

Like a village flower, my child appeared in the world of sorrows and was already scorched with the breath of death, but according to the word of the Lord I will sing: blessed is childhood, for the Kingdom of Heaven will inherit, but You, Lady, cease sighing, You yourself, as if weighed, ease my sorrow.

Your bright eyes look with love on the poor, and your hand is always stretched out to the orphans and widows, we glorify your unceasing intercession for them and, kissing your honest image, we ask: do not turn your face away from us, who are desperate in need.

The secrets of my sins and revelations terrify me, Most Pure One, but nothing can be hidden from the All-Seeing Eye. Behold, I resort to Your mercy, give me strength to repent and cover my nakedness with Your prayers.

Anger, jealousy and malice nest in my proud and vain soul, I myself fall and dare to condemn the fallen, I have come running to You, overwhelmed by the Savior, dry up the stinking sea of ​​my passions.

The day of God’s Judgment terrifies me, for the Lord knows all my thoughts, I do not hope for my good deeds, for I have none, but I ask for your prayers, sinners, the Helper.

Song 6

Irmos: This divine and all-honorable celebration, God-wisdom, Mother of God, come, let us clasp our hands, glorifying the God who was born from Her.

Free my damned soul, drawn by evil passions, from captivity, the rise of the fallen, for Thy Master rejoices in the intercession of sinners, fulfilling Thy petitions, like the Son.

Hear heavy sighs, Most Blessed One, leading the sorrow of my heart, pour myrrh of consolation and wine of joy on the wounds of my soul, driving away the darkness of despondency.

I think about the labors of the ascetics: unceasing fasting, tears of contrition, all-night prayers, unfeigned obedience, patience with reproaches, I am horrified, O Mother of the Righteous Judge, at my negligence about salvation, awaken me from the sleep of insensibility.

Those in hell cannot pray to the Lord, but You, Omnipotent Representative, like Mother, boldness towards the Son of Imasha, we pray to You for our relatives and all those who have passed away, ask for permission for their sins.

At the hour of death, I hear the voice of the Lord, speaking like a prophet: grant Mi your children, I will support and nourish your orphans. And You, Mother of God, be my child’s refuge on the day of sorrow.

In the field of battle, death reigns, but You, Lady, preserve the life of a faithful warrior through the prayer of your mother, and you bring the slain souls into the Kingdom of Light that never enters and thus deliver you from eternal death.

Kontakion, tone 8

To the chosen Voivode, victorious, as having been delivered from the evil ones, let us write thanks to Thee, Thy servants, to the Mother of God, but, as having an invincible power, free us from all troubles, let us call Thee: Rejoice, Unmarried Bride.


The Representative Angel was sent from Heaven and quickly said to the Mother of God: Rejoice! And, with an incorporeal voice, You are incarnate in vain, Lord, horrified, and standing, calling to Her like this: Rejoice, Her joy will shine forth; Rejoice, Her oath will disappear. Rejoice, proclamation to fallen Adam; Rejoice, deliverance of the tears of Eve. Rejoice, height incomprehensible to human thoughts; Rejoice, depth, inconceivable and angelic eyes. Rejoice, for you are the King's seat; Rejoice, for you bear Him who bears all. Rejoice, star representing the Sun; Rejoice, womb of the Divine Incarnation. Rejoice, even the creation is being renewed; Rejoice, we worship the Creator. Rejoice, Unbrided Bride.

Song 7

Irmos: Having not served the creation of God’s wisdom more than the Creator, but having overcome the fiery rebuke manfully, I rejoice, singing: O Lord and God of the fathers, blessed art thou.

Even if everything weighs, God does not weigh, nothing weighs, he proclaims oracles to those who seek wisdom. O Mother of God! The unfathomable depth of God's revelations appeared by You, enlighten my mind so that I can know the Lord the Redeemer, God our father.

Why are the sinner's ways desecrated? The prophet David answers: for this reason, because there is no God before him. Open my darkened eyes, O Pure One, so that I may recognize the omnipresent Creator of all things, God our father.

I see David’s repentance: he is clothed in sackcloth, he humbles his soul with fasting, he dissolves his drink with the cry of repentance, he gets up at midnight to pray, but my prayer is rejected by God, because I do not show the labors or deeds that Teach me, O Blessed One.

Heavenly Powers to the Queen, dispel the clouds of sadness, confusion and calm the storm of thoughts, grant me the spirit of contrition and humility, so that from the depths of my heart I will offer a pure prayer to God, our fathers.

The heart is delighted when Your grace appears, peace, tenderness and tears are born, O Virgin, my inexpressible joy, do not despise me, the bitter one, but visit Himself, so that God our Father will deliver me from the torment of languor.

No one will save me from death, neither my parents nor my children, nor will a gift save me, nor an offering, but knowledge and conduct only to the grave, but my sins will remain, hear, O Merciful One, my cry, may God our Father save me from the eternal fire.

Song 8

Irmos: The pious youths in the cave saved the Nativity of the Theotokos; Then what is formed, now in action, raises up the entire universe to sing to You: Sing to the Lord, O works, and exalt Him to all ages.

The age of youth and the thirst for pleasure captivate my soul, O Blessed One, but turn my thoughts to eternal bliss and the glory of the saints, so that I may glorify my Lord and exalt Him to all ages.

Waves of unbelief and fierce sorrows cover my soul, but I hear the voice of the Lord, saying: O you of little faith, why did you doubt? I have come running to You, Mother of God, save me and my children, for in You the imams affirm the faith, may we extol the Lord Creator forever.

I serve gluttony and uncleanness diligently, I repay insults with revenge, I reprove, I become angry in vain, I slander those who did not help me, I myself despise the weak, O Helper of sinners, show patience and free me from sin forever.

It is impossible to wash away the great defilement with a small tear and extinguish the fire of hell, O All-Merciful Mother, I see my bitterness and pray to You: give me tears of repentance, so that I may whiten the robe of my soul.

With persistent prayer and strong hope, I fall to Thee, Sovereign Lady: see the fierce enemy approaching, hear in the tears that flow, arise quickly and, like the Good One, protect, and glorify Thee, the Mother of my God, forever.

Turn my crying into joy and lamentation into joy, Mother of Mercy, and crush the proud plans of my enemies, may all tongues and all flesh bless You from now on and forever.

Song 9

Irmos: Let every earth-born leap, we are enlightened by the Spirit, let the nature of the disembodied minds triumph, honoring the sacred triumph of the Mother of God, and let it cry out: Rejoice, All-Blessed Mother of God, Pure Ever-Virgin.

Look at the poverty of the soul and sweeten all bitterness, our shameless hope, encouragement for those who mourn, quick consolation for those who cry, for Thy treasures are inexhaustible and, rejoicing, I give to everyone who needs help.

Taste and see that the Lord is good, for with love comes the knowledge of the Lord. O Meal of Mysterious Gifts! Grant me the honor to partake of the Life-giving Mysteries without condemnation, for the cleansing of my sins.

Before Your icon, behold, O Lady, the sea of ​​life is agitated, save those who are perishing in the waves of unbelief and those exhausted by malice, with the wave of Your mercy carry them to the shore of salvation, may they call You: Rejoice, deliverance from eternal death.

Blinded by conceit, I have learned to reproach my brother. How can I impart light to my neighbor, who is covered in the darkness of lies? Grant me, O Mother of Light, to see my sins and to endure my brother’s sins and correct them with love.

The angel of death attacks me, despises my prayers, does not heed my tears, separates me mercilessly from his children, drags me by force. O Mother of God, who shared the pangs of the cross with Your Son, quenched your mother’s sorrow for your neighbors.

You who have chosen the Russian land as your property and established us in piety, keep us under Your protection, O All-Singing One, preserve Your honest image from all misfortunes, and let us call You: Rejoice, All-Merciful, speedy Intercessor in times of adversity.


We celebrate today, orthodoxies, in Your temple, O Lady, and You, Most Pure One, accept with love the songs of thanksgiving offered to You.

The canon of prayer for the Most Holy Theotokos was written by the 8th century monk Theostiriktus of Pelicite

The canon of prayer for the Most Holy Theotokos was written by Theostirikt of Pelicitos. He lived in the 8th century in Bithynia, a state that once voluntarily became a Roman province. Then, when the empire was divided, it became the region of Byzantium. In those years, the future monk Theostirikt was born.

Theostirikt Pelicitsky - author of the canon of prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos

He became a monk at the Pelikite Monastery of St. John the Theologian, almost the same age as Theostirictus. Subsequently, the monk became abbot there. It was a turbulent time. The iconoclastic movement was gaining strength.

For venerating icons, Theostiriktus was burned with boiling resin.

Theostirictus, like other monks, was tortured for venerating icons. He was burned with boiling resin.

But the monk survived and died much later, in old age. Such people in the Orthodox tradition are called venerable confessors.

February 29

Feostirikt Memorial Day

This abbot Theostirikt is best known for his spiritual writings. Most often he is mentioned as the author of the canon of prayer for the Most Holy Theotokos.

The canon of prayer for the Blessed Virgin Mary is read in mourning, or before communion

It is recommended to read the prayer canon in deep sorrow. The Mother of God helps bring joy back into life and gives consolation.

According to tradition, prayer canons are usually performed between the Resurrection and the Nativity of Christ, although this is not obligatory.

The Most Holy Theotokos gives consolation.

After all, some canons are required to be read before communion. And one of them is a prayer canon to the Most Holy Theotokos:

  • canon of repentance to our Lord Jesus Christ;
  • prayer canon to the Most Holy Theotokos (“Contain the misfortunes of many...”);
  • canon to the Guardian Angel;
  • following to Holy Communion.

In addition to these canons, there are others, literally for every day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). So believers have a huge supply of prayers to turn to the Most Holy Theotokos.

To make it easier to perform the prayer canon to the Most Holy Theotokos, it is worth listening to it on video:

Full text of the prayer canon to the Most Holy Theotokos

Troparion to the Mother of God, tone 4

Let us now diligently approach the Mother of God, sinners and humility, and let us fall down in repentance calling from the depths of our souls: Lady, help us, having had mercy on us, struggling, we are perishing from many sins, do not turn away your slaves, for you are the only hope of the imams. (Twice)

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. And now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Let us never be silent, O Mother of God, in saying Your strength to those who are unworthy:

If it weren’t for You standing there, praying, who would have saved us from so many troubles, who would have kept us free until now?

We will not retreat, O Lady, from You: for Your servants always save you from all evil ones.

Psalm 50

Have mercy on me, O God, according to Your great mercy, and according to the multitude of Your mercies, cleanse my iniquity. Above all, wash me from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin; for I know my iniquity, and I will take away my sin before me. You alone have I sinned and done evil before You; for you may be justified in all of Your words, and you will always be victorious when You judge.

Behold, I was conceived in iniquity, and my mother gave birth to me in sins. Behold, you have loved the truth; You have revealed to me the unknown and secret wisdom of Yours. Sprinkle me with hyssop, and I will be cleansed; Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

There is joy and gladness in my hearing; The bones of the humble will rejoice. Turn Your face away from my sins and cleanse all my iniquities. Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a right spirit in my womb.

Do not cast me away from Your presence and do not take Your Holy Spirit away from me. Reward into the world the joy of Your salvation and strengthen me with the Lord’s Spirit. I will teach the wicked Your way, and the wicked will turn to You.

Deliver me from bloodshed, O God, God of my salvation; My tongue will rejoice in Your righteousness. Lord, open my mouth, and my mouth will declare Your praise. As if you had desired sacrifices, you would have given them: you do not favor burnt offerings.

The sacrifice to God is a broken spirit; God will not despise a broken and humble heart. Bless Zion, O Lord, with Your favor, and may the walls of Jerusalem be built.

Then favor the sacrifice of righteousness, the wave offering and the burnt offering; Then they will place the bullock on Your altar.

Canon to the Most Holy Theotokos, tone 8

Song 1

Irmos: Having passed through the water like dry land, and having escaped the evil of Egypt, the Israelite cried out: Let us drink to our deliverer and our God. Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Contained by many misfortunes, I resort to You, seeking salvation: O Mother of the Word and the Virgin, save me from heavy and cruel things.

Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Passions trouble me and many despondencies fill my soul; die, O Young Lady, with the silence of Your Son and God, All-Immaculate.

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Having given birth to You and God, I pray, Virgin, to be delivered from the cruel ones: for now, running to You, I extend both my soul and my thoughts.

And now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Sick in body and soul, grant the Divine visitation and providence from You, the only Godmother, as a good, good Mother.

Song 3

Irmos: O Supreme Creator of the heavenly circle, O Lord, and the Creator of the Church, Thou strengthen me in Thy love, the desires of the land, the true affirmation, the only Lover of Mankind. Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

I entrust the intercession and protection of my life to Thee, Virgin Mother of God: Thou feed me to Thy refuge, guilty of the good; true statement, the All-Singing One.

Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

I pray, Virgin, to destroy the storm of my spiritual confusion and sorrow: You, O Blessed One of God, gave birth to the ruler of the silence of Christ, the only Most Pure One.

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Having given birth to good and guilty benefactors, pour out riches of good deeds to all, for all you can, as you have given birth to the mighty one in the strength of Christ, O blessed One.

And now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Help me with fierce ailments and painful passions, O Virgin, to help me: for I know Your inexhaustible treasure, Immaculate, inexhaustible.

Save Thy servants from troubles, Mother of God, for we all run to You according to God, as an unbreakable wall and intercession.

Look with mercy, O all-sung Mother of God, on my fierce body, and heal the illness of my soul.

Troparion, tone 2

Warm prayer and an insurmountable wall, source of mercy, refuge of the world, we diligently cry out to Thee: Mother of God, Lady, advance and deliver us from troubles, the only one who will soon appear.

Song 4

Irmos: I heard, O Lord, Thy sacrament, I understood Thy works and glorified Thy Divinity. Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

The confusion of my passions, the helmsman who gave birth to the Lord, and the storm of my sins calmed, O Bride of God.

Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Grant me the abyss of Thy mercy, which gave birth to the Blessed One and the Savior of all who sing to Thee.

Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Enjoying, O Most Pure One, Your gifts, we sing in thanksgiving, Our Lady leading Thee.

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

On the bed of my illness and infirmity, for those who prostrate me, as the Compassionate One, help the Mother of God, the only Ever-Virgin.

And now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Hope and affirmation and salvation are the wall of the immovable property of You, the All-Singing One, we get rid of every inconvenience.

Song 5

Irmos: Enlighten us with Your commandments, O Lord, and with Your high arm grant us Your peace, O Lover of Mankind. Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Fill, O Pure One, my heart with joy, Thy incorruptible joy that gives birth to joy, which gave birth to the guilty.

Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Deliver us from troubles, pure Mother of God, having given birth to eternal deliverance, and peace that prevails over all minds.

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Resolve the darkness of my sins, Bride of God, with the enlightenment of Your Grace, Who gave birth to the Divine and Eternal Light.

And now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Heal, O Pure One, the infirmity of my soul, worthy of Thy visitation, and grant me health through Thy prayers.

Song 6

Irmos: I will pour out a prayer to the Lord, and to Him I will proclaim my sorrows, for my soul is filled with evil, and my stomach is approaching hell, and I pray like Jonah: from aphids, O God, lift me up. Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

As if He saved death and aphids, He Himself gave away death, corruption and death my former nature, Virgin, pray to the Lord and Thy Son, to deliver me from the enemies of crime.

Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

We know You as your representative and steadfast guardian, O Virgin, and I solve rumors of misfortunes and drive away taxes from demons; and I always pray to deliver me from the aphids of my passions.

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Like a wall of refuge for money-grubbers, and all-perfect salvation for souls, and space in sorrows, O Youth, and through Your enlightenment we always rejoice: O Lady, save us now from passions and troubles.

And now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Now I lie on my sickbed, and there is no healing for my flesh: but, having given birth to the God and Savior of the world and the Savior of ailments, I pray to You, O Good One: raise me from aphids.

Kontakion, tone 6

The intercession of Christians is shameless, the intercession to the Creator is immutable, do not despise the sinful prayers of the voice, but advance, as the Good One, to the aid of us who faithfully call upon Ty; hasten to prayer, and strive to entreat, ever interceding, the Mother of God, those who honor Thee. Another kontakion, same voice

There are no imams of other help, no imams of other hope, except for You, Most Pure Virgin. Help us, we rely on You, and we boast in You, for we are Your servants, let us not be ashamed.

Stichera, same voice

Do not entrust me to human intercession, Most Holy Lady, but accept the prayer of Thy servant: for sorrow will hold me, I cannot endure demonic shooting, there is no protection for the imam, below where I will resort, the accursed one, we are always defeated, and there is no consolation for the imam, except for You, the Lady of the world, the hope and intercession of the faithful, do not despise my prayer, make it useful.

Song 7

Irmos: The youths came from Judea, in Babylon, sometimes, by the faith of the Trinity, they quenched the flames of the cave, singing: God of the fathers, blessed art thou. Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Just as you wanted to arrange our salvation, O Savior, you moved into the Virgin’s womb, and you showed the world a representative: our father, God, blessed are you.

Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

The Commander of mercy, Whom you gave birth to, O pure Mother, beg him to get rid of sins and spiritual defilements by faith: our father, God, blessed are you.

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Treasure of salvation and the Source of incorruption, who gave birth to You, and the pillar of affirmation, and the door of repentance, you showed to those calling: our father, God, blessed are you.

And now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Bodily weaknesses and mental ailments, O Theotokos, with the love of those who approach Thy blood, O Virgin, grant us to heal, Who gave birth to us the Savior Christ.

In the canon, the Most Holy Theotokos is asked to heal weaknesses and bodily ailments

Song 8

Irmos: Praise and extol the Heavenly King, Whom all the angels sing to all ages. Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Do not despise those who demand help from You, O Virgin, who sing and extol You forever.

Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

You heal the infirmity of my soul and bodily illnesses, Virgin, may I glorify You, Pure, forever.

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

You pour out a wealth of healings faithfully to those who sing of Thee, O Virgin, and to those who extol Thy ineffable Nativity.

And now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

You drive away adversity and the onset of passions, O Virgin: therefore we sing of You forever and ever.

Song 9

Irmos: We truly confess Thee, Theotokos, saved by Thee, Pure Virgin, with the bodiless faces magnifying Thee. Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Do not turn away from the current of my tears, Even though you have taken away every tear from every face, the Virgin who gave birth to Christ.

Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Fill my heart with joy, O Virgin, who accepts the fulfillment of joy and consumes sinful sadness.

Chorus: Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

Be a refuge and intercession for those who come running to You, O Virgin, and an unbreakable wall, a refuge and cover and joy.

Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Enlighten Your light with the dawnings, O Virgin, driving away the darkness of ignorance, faithfully confessing Theotokos to You.

And now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

In the place of embitterment of the humbled one, O Virgin, heal, transforming ill health into health.

Stichera, tone 2

The highest of the heavens and the purest of the lordships of the sun, who delivered us from the oath, Let us honor the Lady of the world with songs. Because of my many sins my body is weak, my soul is also weak; I come running to You, Most gracious, the hope of the unreliable, You help me.

Mistress and Mother of the Deliverer, accept the prayer of Your unworthy servants, and intercede with Him who was born of You; Oh, Lady of the world, be the Intercessor!

Let us diligently sing a song to You now, the all-sung Mother of God, joyfully: with the Forerunner and all the saints, pray to the Mother of God to be generous to us.

All the angels of the army, the Forerunner of the Lord, the twelve apostles, all the saints with the Mother of God, say a prayer that we may be saved.

Prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Most Holy Theotokos, save me. To my most blessed queen, my hope to the Mother of God, friend of the orphans and strange representatives, the sorrowful with joy, the offended patroness!

See my misfortune, see my sorrow, help me as I am weak, feed me as I am strange.

Weigh my offense, resolve it as you will: for I have no other help except You, no other representative, no good comforter, except You, O God of God, for you will preserve me and cover me forever and ever. Amen.

To whom shall I cry, Lady? To whom shall I resort in my sorrow, if not to You, Queen of Heaven?

Who will accept my cry and my sighing, if not You, Most Immaculate, the hope of Christians and refuge for us sinners? Who will protect you more in adversity?

Hear my groaning, and incline Your ear to me, the Lady of the Mother of my God, and do not despise me, who requires Your help, and do not reject me, a sinner.

Enlighten and teach me, Queen of Heaven; do not depart from me, Thy servant, O Lady, for my murmuring, but be my Mother and intercessor.

I entrust myself to Your merciful protection: lead me, a sinner, to a quiet and serene life, so that I may weep for my sins.

To whom shall I resort when I am guilty, if not to You, the hope and refuge of sinners, with the hope of Your ineffable mercy and Thy generosity?

Oh, Lady Queen of Heaven! You are my hope and refuge, protection and intercession and help. To my most kind and speedy intercessor!

Cover my sins with Your intercession, protect me from enemies visible and invisible; soften the hearts of evil people who rebel against me.

O Mother of the Lord my Creator! You are the root of virginity and the unfading color of purity. Oh, Mother of God!

Give me help to those who are weak with carnal passions and sick at heart, for one thing is Yours and with You, Your Son and our God, the imam intercession; and through Your wonderful intercession may I be delivered from all misfortune and adversity, O most immaculate and glorious Mother of God, Mary. Moreover, I say and cry out with hope:

Rejoice, full of grace, rejoice, joyful; Rejoice, most blessed one, the Lord is with you.

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Canon Akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos


General beginning and end of all canons → Reading order according to the charter ——————————————————————

Troparion, tone 8.

The commanded sacrament is received in the mind, in the blood of Joseph, by divination it appears incorporeally, saying to the inexperienced marriage: bow down by the descent of Heaven, invariably all is contained in Thee. And seeing Him in Your womb, having received the form of a slave, I am horrified to call You: Rejoice, unmarried Bride.

Song 1. Irmos

I will open my mouth and be filled with the Spirit, and I will vomit the word to the Queen Mother and appear brightly triumphant, and I will sing and rejoice at Her miracles.

Chorus: Most Holy Lady Theotokos, hear the prayer of Your servants praying to You (bow).

Chorus: The book of Christ is animated, sealed by Thee by the Spirit, the great Pure Archangel in vain proclaimed: Rejoice in joy, friend, For her sake the ancestral oath will be ruined.

Solo. Adam's correction, rejoicing Virgin Bride of God, hellish mortification, rejoicing All-Immaculate, half of all the King. Rejoice at the throne of fire of the Almighty.

Glory. Unfading blossom, rejoicing is the one fragrant apple, rejoicing, who gave birth to the fragrance of the one King. Rejoice, Unartificed One, salvation of the world.

And now. We rejoice in the treasure of purity, and with it we rise from our fall. Rejoice at the sweet-smelling Krine of the Lady, fragrant to the faithful, fragrant censer, and valuable myrrh.

Katavasia: Save Your servants from troubles, Virgin Mary, as we all, according to God, resort to You, as to an unbreakable wall and intercession (bow).

Lord have mercy (three times with bows).

Song 3. Irmos

Thy singers of the Mother of God, living and not a source of corruption, establish Your spiritual face together in the divine glory of Ti, and grant a crown of glory.

Solo. The vegetated divine class, like an unearthed field, rejoices at the animated meal, containing animal bread. Rejoice at the inexhaustible source of animal waters and the Lady.

Solo. Youth Youth, born immaculate, rejoicing to the faithful. Rejoice at the Lamb, who gave birth to the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of all the world. Rejoice at the warm purification.

Glory. Brightest morning, rejoicing One, bearing Christ of the Sun, dwelling place of light. Rejoicing, having destroyed the darkness and driven away the dark demons.

And now. Rejoice at the one door, through which the Word passed through, even the faiths and gates of hell were erased by the Lady with her birth. Rejoice at the divine entrance of the saved Bride of God. Confusion.

Song 4. Irmos

Seated in glory on the Divine Throne, on a light cloud, the Most Divine Jesus came from the Most Pure Virgin, and saved those who cried out, glory to Christ your power.

Solo. With the voice of singing, by faith we cry to You, All-Singing: Rejoice, fat mountain, and drenched in the Spirit. Rejoice, candlestick, and carrying manna in your hand, delighting all pious feelings.

Solo. Purification of the world, rejoice to the Most Pure Lady. Rejoice at the ladder, having raised everyone from the earth with grace. Rejoice at the bridge, truly leading all who sing Thee from death to life.

Solo. Exceeding the heavens, rejoicing at the earthly foundation, in Her lies the Most Pure One was easily reviled. Rejoice at the scarlet, having washed the divine scarlet with Thy blood, O Tsar's powers.

Glory. Having given birth to the true Lawgiver, rejoice at the Lady, who cleanses the iniquity of all. An unknown depth, an indescribable height, an unskillful one, We are adored by it.

And now. Thee, who has woven the world with a crown unbraided, with hymns, rejoicing to Thee we call the Virgin, the repository of all, and the fence, and the affirmation, and the sacred refuge. Confusion.

Song 5. Irmos

Everyone was amazed at Your Divine glory, for You, the marriage-tempted Maiden, were accepted in the womb of the existing God above all, and You gave birth to a lifeless Son, giving peace to all who sing Your praises.

Solo. The path that gave birth to life, rejoice, the Immaculate One, who saved the sinful world from the flood, rejoice, the Bride of God, hearing and speaking is terrible, rejoicing the presence of the Lord of all creation.

Solo. Strength and affirmation by man, rejoicing to the Lady, place of consecration of glory, mortification of hell, all-bright devil, rejoicing to the angel of joy, rejoicing to the Helper of those who pray faithfully.

Solo. The fiery chariot of the Word, rejoicing to the Lady, animated by Paradise, the animal Tree, having in the midst the life of the Lord, His sweetness revives with faith those who partake, and those who bow to the aphids.

Glory. Strengthened by Thy power, we truly cry out to Thee: Rejoice, the city of all the King, glorious and well-heard, about Her it was said in reality: the mountain is unswept, the depths of the immeasurable rejoice.

And now. A vast village of the Word, O Most Pure One, rejoicing, the vessel that produced the Divine beads, O All-Wonderful One, rejoicing, the reconciliation of all to God, those who bless Thee to the Mother of God always. Confusion.

Song 6. Irmos

Behold, this divine and all-honorable celebration, O God-wise Mother of God, come, let us clasp our hands, who was born from Her through faith, glorifyingly.

Solo. The drawing of the undefiled Word, the wine of deification of all, rejoicing, the All-Pure One, by the prophet’s announcement, rejoicing by the apostle’s fertilization.

Solo. From You the dew will fall, having extinguished the flame of polytheism, with this cry to You: Rejoice, the animated fleece, which Gideon the Virgin saw before.

Glory. Behold You, O Virgin, we rejoice, be a refuge for us who labor, and a refuge in the abyss of sorrows and temptations of all the enemy.

And now. Joy of wine, grace our thoughts, calling to You, rejoice, burning bush, and all-bright clouds, which constantly overshadow the faithful. Confusion.

Glory, even now. Therefore, kontakia and ikos to the Most Holy Theotokos, Tone 8.

Kontakion 1. To the chosen Voivode, victorious, as having been delivered from the evil ones, let us sing in thanksgiving to Thy servants to the Mother of God. But since you have an invincible power, free us from all troubles, let us call to You: Rejoice, Unbrideless Bride.

Ikos. An intercessor angel was sent from Heaven and quickly said to the Mother of God: Rejoice, and with an incorporeal voice you are incarnated in vain, Lord, terrified and standing, calling to Her like this: rejoicing for Her sake, joy will shine, rejoicing for Her sake, the oath will disappear. Rejoice at the rise of fallen Adam, rejoice at the tears of Evvin for deliverance. Rejoicing at the heights of inconvenience ascending to human thoughts, rejoicing at the depths of inconvenience visible and angelic eyes. Rejoice as you are the King's seat, rejoice as you bear the whole One who bears. Rejoice, the star that reveals the Sun, rejoice the womb of the divine incarnation, rejoice for Her sake the creation is renewed, rejoice for Her sake we worship the Creator (bow), rejoice the unbrided Bride.

Kontakion 2. Seeing the Holy One in purity, a bold speech to Gabriel: the glorious of your voice, the inconvenience is pleasant to My soul: the seedless birth of birth is prefaced by words, calls, alleluia.

Ikos. The mind is unreasonable, understand the Virgin, seek, cry out to the servant: from a pure side, as soon as the Son is born powerfully, Mi’s hearts; He spoke to her with fear, both calling to her: rejoicing in the ineffable advice in secret, rejoicing in the silence of those praying in faith. Rejoicing at the beginning of Christ's miracles, rejoicing at the command of His head. Rejoicing at the ladder of Heaven, God descended along it, rejoicing at the bridge leading from earth to Heaven. Rejoice at the angel of many words, rejoice at the demon's many-weeping scab. Rejoicing, having given birth to the Light beyond words, rejoicing as it did, having taught not a single one. Rejoicing of the wise surpasses understanding, Rejoicing of the faithful illuminating meanings: Rejoice, unbrided Bride.

Kontakion 3. The power of the Most High is then for the conception of the Braconial, and the fertile Toya is false, as if the village of the show is sweet, to all who want to reap salvation, never sing to her, alleluia.

Ikos. Having the God-pleasing womb of the Virgin, she went up to Elisabeth: and her baby abye, having known this kiss, rejoiced. And playing like songs, crying out to the Mother of God: rejoice at the branches of the unfading vine, rejoice at the fruit of the immortal acquisition. Rejoice, the worker who makes the Lover of mankind, Rejoice, the gardener of our life who has begotten. Rejoicing at the reins, who grows the harvest of bounty, rejoicing at the table, bearing abundance of cleansing. Rejoice for you are a thriving food paradise, rejoice for you have prepared a haven for souls. Rejoice at the pleasant prayer of incense, rejoice at the purification of the whole world, rejoice at God's favor towards mortals, rejoice at mortals' boldness towards God, rejoice at the unbrideless Bride.

Kontakion 4. Having a storm inside with the thoughts of the infidels, the chaste Joseph, was confused, having previously unmarried You in vain, and thinking of the Immaculate One who was robbed: having taken Your conception away from the Holy Spirit, he said, Alleluia.

Ikos. Hearing the shepherd, an angel singing the fleshly coming of Christ, and flowing as to the Shepherd, seeing Him as the blameless Lamb in Mary’s womb, grazing, singing and deciding: Rejoice at the Lamb and Shepherd Mother, rejoicing in the courtyard of verbal sheep. Rejoicing at the torment of invisible beasts, rejoicing at the opening of the heavenly door. Rejoicing as if they were in heaven, they would rejoice with those on earth, and rejoicing as if they were on earth, they would rejoice with those in heaven. The silent lips rejoice in the apostle, the invincible audacity rejoices in the passion-bearer. Rejoice at the solid foundation of faith, rejoice at the bright knowledge of grace. Rejoicing for Her sake, hell was laid bare, rejoicing for Her sake, I was clothed with glory, Rejoicing, the unbrideless Bride.

Kontakion 5. Having seen the divine star, and having followed the dawn, and holding it like a lamp, I sought the mighty King, and having reached the Unattainable, I rejoiced at Him, crying out, alleluia.

Ikos. Seeing the youths of Chaldeystia at the hand of the Maiden, who created the hands of man, and the Lord, understanding Him, even if the servants were taken in the form, trying to please Him freely, and cry out to the Blessed One: Rejoice at the stars of the never-setting Mother, rejoicing at the dawn of the secret day. Rejoicing at the delights of the furnace, rejoicing at preserving the trinity. Rejoicing at the unmerciful tormentor who has driven away from his superiors, rejoicing at the Lord, the Lover of Mankind, having shown Christ. Rejoice at the barbaric deliverer of services, rejoice at the deliverer of bad deeds. Rejoice in the fire of worship, having extinguished, rejoice in the flame of passion, changing. Rejoice at the Persian teacher of chastity, rejoice at all kinds of joy, rejoice at the unmarried Bride.

Kontakion 6. The preachers of the God-bearing former volsvi, returning to Babylon, having finished Thy prophecy, and having preached Thy Christ to everyone, left Herod as a liar, not leading a song, alleluia.

Ikos. The dawn of enlightenment of truth in Egypt, you drove away the darkness of lies. Idol him, O Savior, who does not tolerate Your fortress, O fallen one. Those who were delivered cried out to the Mother of God: rejoicing at the correction of man, rejoicing at the fall of the demon. Rejoicing in having straightened the power of charms, rejoicing in having denounced the idolatrous flattery. Rejoice as the sea drowned the mental Pharaoh, rejoice as the stone gave water to the thirsty belly. Rejoicing in the pillar of fire, instructing those in darkness, rejoicing in the covering of the world by the broad cloud. Rejoice in the food of manna for the receiver, rejoice in the food of the holy servant. Rejoice, the Promised Land, rejoice, honey and milk flow from Her, rejoice, the unbrided Bride.

Kontakion 7. I want Simeon from this present age to depart from the charming one, you were like a child to him: but you were known to him and God was perfect. Therefore I was amazed at Your ineffable wisdom, call, alleluia.

Ikos. The creation was shown to us in a new way, the Creator appeared to us, like those who came from Him, from the seedless vegetated womb, and having preserved You as if incorruptible, and having seen the miracle, let us sing to Her crying out: Rejoicing in the flower of incorruption, Rejoicing in the crown of abstinence, Rejoicing in the resurrection, the image shining, Rejoicing in revealing the angelic life . Rejoice, the tree is fruitful, from it the faithful trees are nourished; Rejoice, the tree is blessed with leaves, many are covered with it. Rejoice, having given birth to a Mentor to the lost; rejoice, having given birth to a Deliverer to the captives. Rejoice at the righteous judge's supplication, rejoice at the forgiveness of many sins. Rejoice in the clothes of the naked with boldness, rejoice in love that conquers every desire, rejoice in the unbridled Bride.

Kontakion 8. Having seen Christmas strangely, let us withdraw from the world and place our minds in Heaven. For this reason, a humble man appeared on high on earth, although he drew to the heights those who cried out to Him, Alleluia.

Ikos. All in the lower ones, and in the upper ones there is no retreat, an indescribable Word: the descent is divine, the passing is in place, and the birth of the Virgin is acceptable to God, hearing this: rejoicing in God, the inconceivable container, rejoicing in the honorable sacrament of the door. Rejoice to the unbelievers, faithful hearing; Rejoice to the faithful, well-known praise. Rejoice at the chariot of the Most Holy Existence on Cherubimech, rejoice at the glorious village of Existence on Seraphimech. Rejoicing at the same time, having gathered the opposite together, rejoicing in combining virginity and birth. Rejoice, for for Your sake the crime was resolved, Rejoice, for for Your sake, Paradise was opened. Rejoice at the key of the Kingdom of Christ, rejoice at the hope of eternal blessings, rejoice at the unbridled Bride.

Kontakion 9. All angelic nature was amazed at the great work of Your incarnation: for unapproachable as God, in vain everyone approaches Man, who is present to us, and hears from everyone, Alleluia.

Ikos. The orations are multifaceted, like mute fish we see about You, Mother of God: they are perplexed to say that you remain a Virgin and are able to give birth; We, marveling at the mystery, truly cry out: Rejoice in the wisdom of God, friend, rejoice in His providence, treasure. Rejoice, the wise men who show foolishness, Rejoice, the wise men who speak dumbly, reprove. Rejoice, as the fierce seekers have fallen, Rejoice, as the creators of fables have withered. Rejoice at the Athenian captives who tore them to pieces, Rejoice at the fisherman who fulfilled the seas. Rejoicing from the depths of ignorance, extracting, rejoicing in the minds of many, enlightening. Rejoice at the ship that wants to be saved, rejoice at the haven of worldly voyages, rejoice at the unbridled Bride.

Kontakion 10. Although he has come to save the world, who is the beautifier of all, he has come to this self-promise, He is the Shepherd and God, who has appeared for us for our sake: for He has called like like like God, He hears from everyone, Alleluia.

Ikos. You are a wall to the virgins, the Virgin Mary, and to all those who come running to You. For the Creator of heaven and earth made You the Most Pure One, dwelling in Your womb, and teaching everyone to invite You: rejoicing at the body of virginity, rejoicing at the door of salvation, rejoicing at the beginning of the mental creation, rejoicing at the giver of Divine grace, rejoicing, for you have renewed those conceived in the cold, rejoicing, for you You punished the stolen minds. Rejoice in the cultivator who exercises the meaning, rejoice in the purity of the sower who has begotten. Rejoicing in the devil of seedless disgrace, rejoicing in uniting the faithful of the Lord. Rejoice, good nurse of the virgins, rejoice in the souls of the draftsman of the saints. Rejoice, non-bride bride.

Kontakion 11. Singing is conquered in every way, diligently reaching out to the multitude of Your many bounties: for the psalms and songs are equal to the sand, if we bring the Holy One to Thee, we do nothing worthily, Thou hast given them to those who cry out to Thee, alleluia.

Ikos. The light-receiving candle, which appeared in the darkness to beings, we see the Holy Virgin: immaterial and burning fire, instructs everyone to the Divine mind, enlightening the mind with the dawn, and honored by this title: rejoicing in the ray of the rational sun, rejoicing in the luminary of the unsetting light. Rejoice at the lightning, illuminating souls, rejoicing like thunder, terrifying enemies. Rejoice as enlightenment shines with much light, rejoice as you flow from a multi-flowing river. Rejoicing in the font that paints the image, rejoicing in taking away the filth of sin. Rejoice in the bath that washes the conscience, Rejoice in the cup that draws joy. Rejoice at the smell of Christ's fragrance, rejoice at the belly of the secret joy, rejoice at the unbridled Bride.

Kontakion 12. The grace to give, having desired the debt of the ancients, the Lord, the resolver of all debts by man, came with Himself to those who departed from His grace, and discorded the handwriting, hears from everyone, alleluia.

Ikos. Singing Your birth, we all praise You, as the temple of the Mother of God is animated: for in Your womb we dwell, holding everything with the hand of the Lord, sanctify and glorify, and teach everyone to cry out to You: Rejoice, village of God the Word, Rejoice, the Greatest Holy of Holies. Rejoice at the ark gilded by the Spirit, Rejoice at the inexhaustible treasure of the belly. Rejoice at the honest crown of the pious king, rejoice at the honest praise of the reverent priest. Rejoice at the Church, the unshakable pillar, Rejoice at the kingdom, the unbreakable wall. By rejoicing for Her sake, victories will rise, and by rejoicing for Her sake, enemies will fall. Rejoice in the healing of my body, rejoice in the healing of my soul, rejoice in the unbrided Bride.

Kontakion 13. Oh, all-sung Mother, who gave birth to all the saints, the Most Holy Word, having accepted the present offering, deliver everyone from all misfortunes, and remove the torment that is to come, crying out to Ty, alleluia. Verb this kontakion three times with bows to the ground. Also 1st Ikos: Intercessor Angel... Also 1st Kontakion: To the Chosen Voivode...

Therefore, a prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos.

Receive, O all-helpful, Most Holy Lady Theotokos, these honorable gifts, applied to You alone, from us, unworthy of Your servant, who has been chosen from all generations, and has appeared above all creatures of heaven and earth: for for Your sake the Lord of hosts was with us, and Your Son the knowledge of God, and have been made worthy of His Holy Body and His Most Pure Blood. In the same way, blessed are You, in the birth of generations, God-blessed, even the brightest Cherub, and the most honest Seraphim. And now, all-singing Most Holy Theotokos, do not cease praying for us, Thy unworthy servants, to deliver us from every evil slander, and from every situation, and to preserve us unharmed from every all-poisonous attack of the devil, but even to the end, with Your prayers, keep us uncondemned: for yes By your intercession, and with the help of those who save us, we send glory and praise, thanksgiving and adoration for all those in the Trinity to the One God, and to the Creator of all, now and ever and unto ages of ages, amen (bow to the ground).

Song 7. Irmos

Having not served the creation of God’s wisdom more than the Creator, but the fiery rebuke manfully trampled, rejoicing and singing: Blessed are you like your Father, the Lord and God.

Solo. We sing Thee crying, rejoicing in the chariot of the intelligent sun, the true vine, cultivating ripe grapes, flowing with wine, gladdening the souls, glorifying Thee with faith.

Solo. Who gave birth to the physician of all, rejoicing Bride of God, the rod of mystery, the flower of unfading and blossoming. Rejoice, Lady, for for Your sake we are filled with joy, and we inherit life.

Solo. The tongue of the Lady cannot sing songs to Thee: for more than the Seraphim exalted himself, having given birth to the King Christ, pray to Him to save this city of Thy from many temptations.

Glory. The ends blissfully praise You, and call You with love, rejoicing in the switch, in which the Pure Word was written with the finger of the Stepfather. Pray to him, in the books of animals, to write as a slave to the Mother of God.

And now. We pray to Thy servants, and we bow the knees of our hearts: incline Thy pure ear, and save Thy servants who are immersed forever, and keep Thy captivity from all hostility, the city of the Mother of God. Confusion.

Song 8. Irmos

The pious youths are in the cave, the Nativity of the Theotokos saved. Then it was formed, but now it is acted upon, raising up the entire universe to sing: sing praises to the Lord’s deeds, and exalt Him forever.

Solo. Thou hast received the false Word, even as thou hast borne all that is worn, and thou hast nourished with milk the mania that feeds the whole Pure universe: to Him we sing, sing praises to the Lord’s deeds, and exalt Him unto the ages.

Solo. Moses thought in the bush, the great mystery of Your birth. The Fathers clearly represented, standing in the middle of the fire and unburnt, the incorruptible Pure Virgin. With the same we praise Thee and extol forever.

Solo. Who was formerly stripped by flattery, in the robe of incorruption we have clothed ourselves with Thy birth. And those who sit in the darkness of sin, we see the light, the light is the dwelling of the Maiden. Thus we sing to Thee and extol forever.

Glory. For Thy sake the dead are quickened, for Thou hast given birth to a composite life, those who were previously silent are now blessed, lepers are cleansed, sicknesses are driven away, and many aerial spirits are defeated, the Virgin is the salvation of man.

And now. Having given birth to salvation for the world, for His sake we took it from the earth to the heights, rejoicing, all-blessed, protection and power, wall and affirmation, to those who sing Pure: Sing the works of the Lord, and exalt Him forever. Confusion.

Song 9. Irmos

Let everyone on earth leap, let us enlighten ourselves with the Spirit, let the nature of disembodied minds rejoice, honoring the holy triumph of God to the Mother, and let them sing: Rejoice, blessed one, ever pure Virgin Mother of God.

Chorus with a bow. Yes, we rejoice in Your faithfulness, whose joys were ever more present and partaker of You. Save us from misfortunes, and barbarian captivity, and from any other wound, for the many sins that the Maiden finds in a sinning person.

Solo. Thou hast appeared our enlightenment and affirmation. We also cry out to Ti, rejoice, the never-setting star, introducing the great Sun into the world. Rejoice, We are coming, having opened the prisoners, Pure. Rejoice in the vessel, which received the inexhaustible ointment poured out upon Thee.

Solo. Let us stand reverently in the house of our God and cry out, rejoicing in the world of the Lady. Hail Mary, Lady of us all. Rejoice is one, immaculate among women and kind. Rejoice at the pillar of fire leading humanity into the higher life.

Glory. The dove that gave birth to the Merciful, the Virgin rejoices ever after. Rejoice, praise the saints to all. Rejoice at the wedding of the sufferer, rejoice at the divine fertilization of all the righteous, and salvation for us faithful.

And now. God, have mercy on Your inheritance, having now despised all our sins, having now prayed to You, even as on earth without seed you gave birth to You, great for the sake of mercy, desiring to be imagined by Christ into humanity. Confusion.

Also: It is worthy to eat... the Trisagion, and according to the Our Father. Troparion to the Mother of God (1 time). Glory, even now. Kontakion 1 Lord have mercy (40 times). Then a prayer of praise to the Most Holy Theotokos:

Oh, Most Holy Lady Lady Theotokos, you are the highest angel and archangel of all, and the most honorable of all creatures, a helper to the offended, a hopeless hope, an intercessor for the poor, a consolation for the sad, a nurse for the hungry, a robe for the hungry, healing for the sick, salvation for sinners, help for all Christians, and intercession : Oh, All-Merciful Lady Virgin Mary Lady, by Your mercy save and have mercy on our power, the Holy Church and all Orthodox Christians, protect us with Your honorable robe, and pray to the Lady from You without the seed of the incarnate Christ our God, that He may gird us with His power from above, on the invisible and our visible enemies. Oh, all-merciful Lady Lady Theotokos, raise us up from the depths of sin, and deliver us from famine and destruction, from cowardice and flood, from fire and sword, from the presence of foreigners and civil strife, and from vain death, and from enemy attacks, and from the corrupting wind, and from deadly plagues, and from all evil. Grant the Lady peace and health to Your servant, all Orthodox Christians, and enlighten their minds and the eyes of their hearts to salvation. And make us Thy sinful servants worthy of the Kingdom of Thy Son Christ our God, for His power is blessed and glorified, with His beginningless Father, and with His Most Holy and good and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages, Amen.

Glory, even now. Most honorable Cherub... (bow to the waist). Glory, even now. Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord bless (with bows).

Let go: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, prayers for the sake of Thy most pure Mother, Her honest and glorious praise and for the sake of all the saints, have mercy and save us, for He is good and a lover of mankind. Amen.

Lord have mercy (three times). Initial bows.

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