Red thread around the wrist and Orthodoxy: attitude, opinion and answers to frequently asked questions

All religions have their own talismans, which in the modern world have lost their essence and are worn for the sake of fashion. Modern people are superstitious and often buy amulets without thinking about their faith. A red thread on the wrist is a trend in recent years in psychology and fashion; some people put it on themselves, on loved ones, and even on pets.

The red thread is associated with the ancient Jewish esoteric belief

History of the amulet

It is believed that the red thread as a talisman originally appeared among the Jews. In ancient pagan times, the Slavs began to use this amulet, believing in its protection from damage and the evil eye.

The red thread is considered a strong amulet that helps in the fulfillment of your most cherished desires. Amulets that are brought from Israel are considered the most valuable among connoisseurs, since according to some legends this occult bracelet originates in Jerusalem.

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Various esoteric publications and websites advise purchasing amulets in Jerusalem, since amulets from this city have special energy and power and special Kabbalistic prayers are read over it. Kabbalists have long used the red thread to symbolize commitment to their faith. They believe in the magical power of this occult item, which must be tied on the left wrist.

Kabbalists have their own version of the appearance of the amulet. It is believed that such a thread was tied around the coffin of Rachel, who was the ancestor of the Jews. According to legend, Rachel existed to protect her children from dark forces and the negative influence of magic.

Orthodox Life

Today, unfortunately, there are many people who tie a red thread on their hands, protecting themselves from damage, the evil eye, envy, hatred, etc.

Tying a red woolen thread on a hand is a Jewish, Kabbalistic tradition. The word “Kabbalah” translated from Hebrew means “receiving, accepting, betraying.” The essence of the teachings of Kabbalah is that the Torah (the Pentateuch of the holy prophet Moses - the first five books of the Old Testament) and other Jewish texts contain some secret knowledge that is accessible only to a select few. Kabbalistic teachings are often associated with giving the letters of the Hebrew alphabet certain “mystical,” “sacred” functions. It is somewhat reminiscent of the teachings of the Pythagoreans regarding the “mystical power of numbers.”

In essence, the Kabbalistic tradition is even a rejection of classical Judaism. This is magic masquerading as Judaism. This magic, of course, is mixed with pride. Because, as we see from the above postulate, only a select few can comprehend the science of Kabbalah. There is already a separation of people from people. There are some chosen ones and everyone else. The mix here, of course, consists of pride. Kabbalah pleases human pride: “I have secret knowledge that others do not possess.”

The notorious red thread also goes back to the Kabbalistic tradition that came to us from Israel. Receiving a red thread and wearing it is a whole magical ritual. We will not dwell on it because of its meaninglessness, uselessness and cumbersomeness, like, in essence, everything in magic, with its pedantic prescription of numerous, piled on top of each other, awkward and in many ways funny rituals.

Let us look, with God's help, to the essence of the problem. A modern Jew is a person whose religion assumes that the Messiah has not yet come to earth. Christ for the Jew is the “false messiah.” The Jew is waiting for his “Messiah.”

Based on this, it is very sad when an Orthodox Christian, who has waited for his Messiah - the Lord and God and our Savior Jesus Christ, by wearing a red thread, rejects Him and goes to the camp of the Judaizers. Let us remember the words of the holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian: “And slander comes from those who say about themselves that they are not Jews; but they are not such, but are the synagogue of Satan” (Rev. 2:9). That is, the meek and merciful apostle of love called the Jews a synagogue of Satan. Accordingly, based on the logic of Holy Scripture, everyone who converts to Judaism, even by tying a red thread (and it must be tied according to Kabbalistic rules with certain Jewish prayers), goes over to the synagogue of Satan - that is, to the devil.

Therefore, an Orthodox Christian cannot wear a red thread. If this happened, then confess this sin to a priest.

Of course, I don’t think that all the people who tie red threads are convinced, conscious adherents of the Jewish religion. Most likely, they have a semi-pagan view of the world and religion - to protect themselves from the evil eye, damage, and other things by all methods available to them. And light a candle in the church, and tie a Kabbalistic thread, and invite the priest to bless the house, and go to the grandmother, and read the “Our Father” prayer, and hang the “Seven Shot” icon over the door, and next to it a horseshoe and the Turkish “Eye of Fatima” , just to be sure.

But in the eyes of God, such lukewarmness is a grave sin. Let us remember Revelation: “I know your works; you are neither cold nor hot; Oh, that you were cold or hot! But because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth” (Rev. 3:15,16). What terrible words and what terrible punishment is reserved for the lukewarm!

Who are they? What kind of people are these? People with the maximum dedication of their hearts are in love with the material world, have a desire to live and sin in it, and do not need anything else. People who, like the Pharisees, want to make religion their service in order to indulge pride or vanity, or love of money, or some other sins. People who rejected God and erected a new idol on the throne of their hearts - themselves. Such people are ready to go to church, and to see grandma, and to tie a red thread, and to light a sandalwood stick in front of the elephant deity in a Hindu temple. They don't care what religion is in the grand scheme of things. If only their wishes come true.

But we, dear brothers and sisters, will come out of this ignorance, separate ourselves from the environment of sin and fix our minds on Christ. He is our main defense. And the path to Him is the main goal in life. By following this path, we acquire a treasure next to which everything else pales. We enter into communication with God, the Only Giver of all blessings, the Only Source of life and health for us and for the whole world.

Priest Andrey Chizhenko

The meaning of the amulet

The red thread is not a harmless fashion accessory; it is characterized as a powerful amulet that carries a Jewish origin.

The attitude of the Orthodox Church towards the talisman is sharply negative

The left hand, according to the teachings of Kabbalah, symbolizes the side of the soul and body that receives and does not give. Therefore, according to Kabbalah, the red thread should be worn on the left wrist so that the person receives maximum energy from the talisman. In this case, the amulet symbolizes the protection of the soul from the negative influence of dark forces.

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In India, it is customary to tie a bracelet on the right wrist, this means that the girl is not married.

Why wool and red thread

Wool has a very good effect on blood circulation, so it can be tied without any additional intentions. This fabric has a weak electrostatic effect, so it helps for medicinal purposes - relieves pain from joints, head, teeth.

As for the color of the thread, there are several theories regarding redness. Every religion has its own explanation. Kabbalists believed that the tomb of the human mother Rachel was decorated with red cloth. Red color is a symbol of the planet Mars, which acts as a talisman of protection and full strength.

Is it possible for Orthodox Christians to wear such a talisman?

The red thread as a protective bracelet is popular among Jews, Bulgarians, pagans and among eastern peoples. The culture of these peoples accepts many types of talismans, but for an Orthodox person wearing amulets is unacceptable.

Important! The attitude of the church and Orthodox clergy towards this type of jewelry and talismans is sharply negative!

The negative attitude of the Orthodox Church towards wearing such amulets is explained by the following principles:

  • not a single occult ritual has brought anything good to a person; the devil is behind the creation of such a fashion for talismans, and wearing a talisman means worshiping him;
  • the problem of the pagan mentality of the Russian people, who are accustomed to relying on everything they can, but not on themselves and God;
  • a person who comes into contact with magical talismans consciously begins to turn to dark forces for help, neglecting God’s will at this time.

    Orthodoxy has a negative attitude towards wearing a red thread on the wrist

Addiction to all kinds of amulets and talismans is a pagan heritage that needs to be moved away from. This path deprives the soul of God's grace. The red thread and its wearing, from the point of view of Orthodoxy, is religious worship of Satan.

An Orthodox person lives in soul with the Lord; he must desire to serve him alone and believe only in him alone. A Christian believer should not combine his faith in the Lord with faith in occult practices and the powers of talismans.

Can Christians wear the Jerusalem thread?

However, dual faith has recently become very common among Christians. That is, many not only go to churches and pray to God, but also combine this with:

  • faith in amulets;
  • paganism;
  • occultism, etc.

In Orthodoxy, this approach falls into the category of unforgivable sins. Accordingly, belief in the power of the red thread and wearing it on the hand is prohibited for Christians. It is also believed that prayers from people who wear this talisman remain unheard by the Lord. The only exceptions are those words associated with repentance.

But why did this talisman become so popular among Christian youth and older people? This applies not only to European countries, but also to the former CIS and Russia. The explanation is obvious. The widespread use of the red thread among Orthodox people is associated with a lack of deep faith in God. That's why superstitions flourish.

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In fact, people who use the red thread from Jerusalem as a talisman against damage are not protected. This talisman is not able to protect them from dark forces. Moreover, wearing a red thread is a betrayal of your faith and Christ. After all, the Jews themselves did not recognize Jesus and still continue to wait for their mission. To them, Christ is a “fraud.” Accordingly, if a Christian uses Jewish amulets, he automatically agrees with this state of affairs and renounces Jesus.

Thus, true Christians are advised to abandon the red thread and repent of this mistake. The best way to do this is in confession before a priest. And don't blindly follow fashion. First you need to learn about the amulet and be more careful in choosing religious symbols.

How to make a talisman with your own hands

You can make a talisman with a red thread with your own hands. It is very important to use natural materials and follow the rules during the manufacturing process.

Bracelet made of red wool thread

A bracelet made of red wool thread, according to many, allows you to make your own desire come true. To make the bracelet strong and not break, it is recommended to use red floss threads when making it. You need to weave prepared red wool thread into them. You are allowed to show your imagination and make a bracelet using original artistic weaving methods.

Thin silk thread for good luck with pendant

As a decorative decoration that attracts good luck to life, you can make a bracelet from a thin silk thread with a pendant. It has increased strength, so it will not tear, so it will be worn for a long time. The pendant should be a pebble suitable for the person’s horoscope. If it is a bead, then it is simply threaded through a thread, in other cases it is woven into a braid.

Conspiracies on the red thread against the evil eye

In order for a talisman to have meaning, it must be spoken in a certain way. The most powerful conspiracy on the red thread is a ritual of Kabbalists, namely the prayer of Ben Porat:

“Just as slaves on earth are covered with water, and the evil eye has no power over them, so the evil eye has no power over the descendants of Joseph. An eye that does not covet what does not belong to it is not subject to the evil eye.”

This prayer must be read 7 times over each knot tied on a thread.

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There are several more prayers for the red thread spell:

  1. “Have mercy on me (name), Lord, and save me, Father Savior of the world Jesus Christ, Mother of the Most Holy Theotokos, all the holy saints. Lord, bless, save, have mercy, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen"

  2. “The servant of God (name) is healed by theology, from the Holy Spirit, the hand of Savior, the seal of Christ, the Mother of God. The cross is above me, the cross is in front of me, be you, enemy, cursed, driven through the lands into empty gaps, obscene pits. In the name of the Lord, the Father who comes, the life-giving cross. I ask for mercy. Amen". This prayer is used to get rid of damage if it has already been done.

  3. “A talisman, a talisman, protect from the enemy under the fence the inevitable misfortune, the creeping sickness. The demon of the rebellious. Become a strong wall around, a high mountain. Lock yourself with nine keys, nine locks. My word is strong, no one can break it. As he said, so it became.” These words are spoken by a mother if she wants to protect her child from the evil eye. Ten knots are tied on a red thread at the same distance from each other, and the given words are spoken.

How to tie a red thread on your wrist correctly

In order to tie a thread correctly for a talisman, you need to follow some recommendations:

  • you don’t need to tie the thread yourself, this should be done by a very close and loving person;
  • you need to tie the thread seven knots, while saying certain words;
  • You definitely need to buy a red thread, and preferably in Jerusalem. If this is impossible to do. then it can be purchased from the followers of the Kabbalists;
  • during tying it is required to say an ancient Jewish prayer;
  • the one to whom the talisman is tied must get rid of bad thoughts and turn all his actions to goodness.

If you follow all the described rituals, the talisman will definitely bring good luck and peace of mind.

Where to buy a talisman

The red thread serves not only as a reliable amulet against the evil eye. The attribute is an interesting decorative decoration. You can buy it today in different ways.

Order through the online store

Most often, the amulet is ordered from online stores. You can buy original products from Jerusalem there. This means that the amulet will have increased protective properties, since it has undergone the necessary ritual action.

In a temple, church

You cannot purchase an amulet in a Christian temple or church. Church shops do not offer products associated with idolatry. Moreover, if you enter the temple with a red thread, the priest will ask you to remove it.

On the Holy Land

The greatest power is possessed by amulets acquired independently in the Holy Land. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a trip.

Tips for those who want to wear thread

If you still have a strong desire to wear a thread on your hand without betraying your religion, you need to know what else turns this amulet into such a powerful thing from the point of view of Kabbalists. Roughly speaking, go the opposite way, learning what not to do.

We have already spoken about the ritual performed at Rachel’s grave in Israel. However, not even every Kabbalist has the opportunity to conduct it. Also, when tying a thread on the wrist, special prayers are read. It is with the help of prayers that people appeal to the power of magic and charge the amulet with a certain energy, programming it for protection. Tying an amulet to yourself means depriving it of its power; usually this is done by a loved one or spiritual mentor.

If a thread was brought to you by a friend who visited Israel as a souvenir, you can wear it. Moreover, when you don’t want to offend a person, because if you don’t put any meaning into it and don’t have hopes, the thread turns into an ordinary hand-made bracelet.

Although many are confident that, even being Christians and believing in its power, we hardly betray our religious beliefs, but only become more confident in ourselves. There is such a psychological technique - the effect of self-hypnosis. Simply put, it becomes easier to discover the potential within yourself and see the goodness around you.

Semantic load

Bulgarians, Jews and pagans wear this accessory on their hands. As a talisman, such a bracelet can be seen in eastern countries where Buddhism dominates.

Looking deeper into history, you can see that red has long been considered a symbolic color in various beliefs and religions. A thread made from red yarn carries different meanings in different cultures. The philosophical teaching of Feng Shui, which became popular about 10 years ago, uses this accessory as a protective symbol.

In Bulgaria, there is a tradition of tying gift bottles of the national alcoholic drink with a red thread.

Among the ancient Slavs, red was also held in high esteem. Our ancestors worshiped the forces of nature. The main god of the ancient Slavs was Yarila. The signature color of the Sun God was red. A red amulet bracelet made of thread was worn to live in prosperity and contentment.

Connection with Rachel

Why did the adherents of Kabbalah choose a red thread? In their understanding, the origin of this amulet is associated with such a biblical character as Rachel, who was the wife of Jacob. As you know, she was unable to produce an heir for a long time, and supporters of Kabbalah claim that she was able to give birth to two sons only after the Lord gave her an amulet in the form of a red thread.

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It should be noted that the tomb of Rachel still exists in the city of Bethlehem. Allegedly, from time to time it is wrapped with a red thread. At the same time, prayers are read that make it miraculous. In Israel, thread fragments are sold very successfully.

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